Hydrated Lime - High-Temperature Mortar Ingredient


The Hydrated Lime used in the High-Temperature Mortar mix can be any one of the following types:

  • Type S Lime (most common)
  • Type SA Lime
  • Type N Lime
  • Type NA Lime
  • Builders Lime
  • Contractors Lime
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Masons Lime
  • Powdered Lime
  • Pulverized Lime
  • Quiklime


This is the product that confuses some of our customers. It is NOT granulated Lime that is sold in the plant section at Home Depot or Lowes but a white and fluffy material that looks and feels like powdered sugar. It is used in the masonry and landscape industry (but it's also used in the Plant Nursery industry).

Before you throw down big bucks for us to ship a bag of this product to you, check with your local Masonry &/or Landscape Supply as this is a commonly stocked item.  Depending on your location, prices can range from $8 - $15 per 50lb bag of Lime.

If you are unable to find this product at your Landscape Supply, try your local Plant Nursery.


High-Temperature Mortar Mix Recipe: 

3 Parts Silica Sand
1 Part Hydrated Lime
1 Part Fire Clay
1 Part Portland Cement 


How to make High Temperature Mortar