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Vermiculite / Perlite Insulation - 4 Cubic Feet


Most of your local Masonry &/or Landscape Supply stores stock Perlite or Vermiculite Insulation for about $10 - $15 a 4 cubic foot bag. Home Depot / Lowes and other Big Box stores rarely (but sometimes do) stock large bags of Perlite or Vermiculite, so please be sure to call your local FIRE BRICK Dealer and inquire about their Perlite / Vermiculite prices before ordering this product from us.

In addition, you can also check with your local PLANT NURSERY, but make sure they have the big bags (Vermiculite and Perlite are those little white balls you see in potting soil).


Perlite / Vermiculite Blend Ratio:

  • 5 Parts Perlite or Vermiculite
  • 1 Part Portland Cement


How to Make / Mix Perlite or Vermiculite with Portland Cement for Pizza Oven Insulation