Refractory Cement • Castable Refractory Cement

Minimum Purchase:
9 units

Refractory cement - also known as Castable Refractory or Fireplace Cement, is a high-heat tolerant refractory material that is designed for castable refractory cement pizza ovens, fire pits and backyard forges.  Refractory cement is able to withstand temperatures in excess of 2500°, which is roughly 2x hotter than you will ever get your pizza oven.

Refractory cement is designed for THICK refractory applications like pizza oven construction, building a forge or even making your own fire bricks.  This product is NOT firebrick mortar.   

  • Refractory cement for Cortile Barile Ovens and Mattone Cupola Ovens
  • Castable refractory weights approximately 120 lbs. per cubic ft. and is shipped in a 55 lb. bag.
  • Add clean water (3/4 to 1 qt.) for each 10 lb. and mix thoroughly. No other additives required.
  • May be cast or troweled into place.
  • Refractory materials meet ASTM C-401 Class B.
  • Possesses cold crushing strength of approximately 1500 lbs. per. sq. inch.
  • Good for applications well over 2500°F.
  • Castable refractory cement should be cast no thinner than 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick.
  • Brand of refractory cement we send you will depend on your location / region.
  • Refractory cement is Non-Water Soluble in service - Safe for outdoor use! 

Refractory Cement Recipe - Unlike High-Temperature MORTAR that you can make with common and locally purchased materials (see our High-Temperature Mortar Recipe)... Refractory cement is NOT something you can make yourself with sand, cement, lime, etc...  No matter what you read on Google or watch on YouTube - if you make a refractory cement blend, it will fail.  Guaranteed!