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DuraTech - 6" x 12" Stainless Steel Double-Wall Chimney Pipe


Don’t spend all day trying to piece together a crappy chimney kit!  Our DuraTech Stainless Steel, Double-Wall exhaust kits by DuraVent cost a few dollars more, but assembles in seconds, offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty and is 100% Made in the USA!

While the exhaust kit is optional, it is highly recommend as it keeps the rain out of your pizza oven and the spark arrestor screen inside the chimney cap breaks any free-floating embers into a thousand pieces as it exits your pizza oven.

Prevent the heat from escaping your pizza oven by attaching the optional DuraTech Damper Pipe between the DuraTech Anchor Plate and DuraTech Chimney Cap.  This damper will keep 90% - 95% of the heat inside your oven (vs. ovens w/out a damper).

And don't forget... FREE SHIPPING is always included with our DuraTech exhaust kits!


6" x 12" DuraTech Stainless Steel Double-Wall Chimney Pipe