Grapho-Glas Rope Gasket Kit - Rutland Rope Gasket & High-Temp Silicone


Grapho-Glas Rope Gasket Kit by Rutland

Aside from using the DuraTech Chimney Damper Pipe to keep heat inside your brick oven, another great way to prevent heat from leaking out of your oven is to attach our High-Temp Rope Gasket kit on the back of your door (all door models).

This kit includes a super-thick 5/8" Grapho-Glas® Rope Gasket, NSF / Food Grade High-Temp Silicone that is rated for indoor and OUTDOOR use (most brands are NOT for outdoor use), and a pair of disposable gloves to keep the silicone off your fingers.


This kit includes:

  • 6' of 5/8" Grapho-Glas High-Temperature Rope Gasket

  • 1 Tube (2.8oz) of NSF / Food Grade High-Temperature Silicone

  • 1 Pair of Disposable Gloves