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46" Mattone Cupola Wood Fired Dome Pizza Oven - Form Only / CLEARANCE!

MSRP: $2,299.99
(You save $600.00 )

CLEARANCE!  Scratch and Dent Model - but it's only ugly on the outside (the part that you rip off anyway).  The foam dome itself is in PERFECT shape.

How do you feed the Neighborhood?  Our 46" Dome Shaped, DIY wood fired pizza form will help you build a wood fired pizza oven of GIANORMOUS proportions!


This is the Money Saving Secret!  By picking up your Refractory locally, you are taking away the high costs of oven factories... expensive labor costs... SUPER expensive freight costs... AND when those prefab ovens finally arrive, you need to enlist a small army to help you carry it to the backyard!  BrickWood Ovens are mixed on-site with the same high-quality (yet locally purchased) castable refractory that the expensive oven brands use.  And nothing weights more than 55lbs!  It's so easy, your Mom could build this oven!


Benefits of the 46" Mattone Cupola Dome Wood Fired Pizza Oven

●  Great for all occasions large and small!  (60 - 300+ attendees)
●  Excellent for pizzas, breads and low profile foods
●  Super-easy to build with step-by-step directions
●  NO HEAVY LIFTING!  50 - 60lbs Tops!
●  Cooks faster and hotter than firebrick models
●  It only takes 2 hours to mix, pour and pack!  Really!
●  Save hundreds over comparable models
●  Build the base and oven in just 2 weekends (or less)
●  Made in the USA!
●  DIY-EZ!


The 46" Mattone Cupola Dome Shaped Wood Fired Oven Kit Includes:

●  46" Mattone Cupola Dome Shaped Wood Fired Oven Mold
●  25lbs of Stainless Steel Fibers
●  Nationwide Residential Freight Delivery Included - A $700 Savings!


46" Mattone Cupola Dome Shaped Oven Directions & Materials Lists:

How to build the 46" Mattone Cupola - OVEN
How to build the 46" Mattone Cupola - BASE  (Contact Us)

Find a MATERIALS DEALER near you!

No need to spend hours trying to hunt down the materials needed to build your oven... we've already done that work for you!  Simply visit our MATERIALS DEALER PAGE to find a dealer near you that stocks everything you need to build your awesome new oven! Just type in your ZIP CODE and select REFRACTORY DEALER.